We will serve as your company’s “International Logistics Department” and will solve various logistics problems.。

Here at EASTRISE TRANSPORT, we provide comprehensive support for complicated export and import processes between Japan and Asia.
Since we have our own base in China that acquired first-class cargo forwarder qualification and agents at Asian countries, we have many experiences on export to Japan.
We will serve as your company’s “International Logistics Department” and will solve various problems at logistics site, so that you can focus on your core business with confidence.

Import Service

Arranged in-house base at main harbors in China.
We have arranged a system that can respond to logistics needs at various regions of China.

Export Service

By focusing on in-house consolidation, we accept export anywhere from single small shipment to special container across China/Southeast Asia, etc.

Warehouse Service

You can confirm swift loading, cargo damage, etc. at in-house bonded warehouse located in Osaka/Tokyo.

Customs Clearance Service

Experienced registered customs specialist who knows best about customs clearance procedures and related laws and regulations will use his/her abundant knowledge and experience, and will provide assistance on speedy and appropriate logistics.

Border Transgression EC Business

We would like to introduce our cross-border e-commerce business segment to you. Please click the link to browse.

Transportation by Land

EASTRISE delivers packages to anywhere in Japan. We also arrange trucks in Japan.

Air Transport Service

We can quickly respond to emergency shipment such as emergency cargo, precision equipment, small EC cargo, etc. between Japan and China.

Export and Import Multimodal Transportation Service

We’ve realized logistics cost reduction by utilizing know-how that we obtained through 20 years of cargo handling.

Between Three Countries Service

We provide integrated support for transport that does not arrive and depart from Japan. We respond to transport from any country/production base.